Chiller Plant Optimization at Anantara Hotel, Sir Bani Yas Island

Enhancing cooling efficiency with Air-Cooled Chiller Plants featuring 9 Trane  Chillers and 9 VFD-equipped pumps.

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    Anantara Hotel
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    Remote Control and Monitoring Solutions,Sub-metering Solutions
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Enhancing cooling efficiency with Air-Cooled Chiller Plants featuring 9 Trane Chillers and 9 VFD-equipped pumps.


The Anantara Hotel faced the challenge of maintaining efficient cooling operations in a demanding environment with their Air-Cooled Chiller Plants featuring 4 York Chillers and VFD-equipped pumps. Their existing system was struggling to meet cooling demands while consuming excessive energy.


Dewtech implemented a comprehensive Chiller Plant Optimization solution tailored to the specific needs of the Anantara Hotel. This involved optimizing chiller operations, fine-tuning pump performance, and implementing variable frequency drives (VFDs) to achieve more precise control over the entire system.


Benefits and Impact:

Energy Efficiency: The chiller plant optimization resulted in a remarkable reduction in energy consumption. Anantara Hotel experienced lower electricity bills and a decrease in its carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable operation.

Enhanced Guest Comfort: With the chiller plant operating at peak efficiency, the hotel maintained consistent and comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year. Guests enjoyed a superior level of comfort during their stay.

Operational Cost Reduction: The hotel witnessed a significant reduction in operational costs due to reduced energy usage and maintenance expenses. This translated into improved profitability and a more competitive position in the market.

Environmental Responsibility: Anantara Hotel demonstrated its commitment to environmental responsibility by optimizing its cooling systems. The project aligns with the global trend toward sustainable and eco-friendly hospitality practices.

Long-term Sustainability: The chiller plant optimization solution implemented by Dewtech ensured long-term sustainability. Anantara Hotel could continue to reap the benefits of energy savings and efficient cooling operations for years to come.