Building Management and Control (BMC) is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize your facility's performance, and it's a cornerstone of Dewtech's offerings. Our BMC services encompass a range of features that empower building owners to achieve operational excellence. These features include real-time monitoring and control, energy savings, sustainability enhancements, and improved occupant comfort and safety.

With Dewtech's BMC solutions, you'll have the capability to monitor and control your facility's vital systems in real time, providing you with unprecedented insight and control over your building's performance. Our services prioritize energy efficiency, helping you reduce operational costs and minimize your environmental footprint. This focus on sustainability aligns with our commitment to creating more environmentally friendly and cost-effective facilities.

Additionally, Dewtech's BMC solutions prioritize occupant comfort and safety. By maintaining optimal conditions within your facility, you can enhance the overall experience for occupants and ensure their well-being.

Chiller Plant Management is a comprehensive service provided by Dewtech that focuses on optimizing the performance of your chiller plant. It goes beyond conventional maintenance to ensure your chiller system operates at peak efficiency, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced operational costs.

Our service includes load sequencing, which intelligently manages the operation of multiple chillers based on real-time demand. By optimizing the load distribution, we prevent unnecessary energy consumption and reduce wear and tear on the equipment.

A Building Management and Control System consists of sensors, controllers, and user interfaces. These components work together to monitor, manage, and optimize building systems. Dewtech provides tailored solutions, integrating these components for seamless control and energy efficiency.

Yes, Dewtech specializes in custom control solutions. We analyze your facility's unique needs and design tailored solutions for optimal efficiency and performance.

Sub-metering enables precise energy measurement in various building areas, pinpointing consumption patterns. Dewtech's sub-metering solutions enhance sustainability by optimizing energy use, reducing waste, and helping identify areas for efficiency improvements.

Our Energy Efficiency Study begins with a comprehensive chiller plant assessment, identifying inefficiencies and potential enhancements. We evaluate factors like equipment condition, load profiles, and operational parameters. This analysis guides us in designing a tailored plan to optimize your chiller plant's energy performance.

Our Remote Control and Monitoring Solutions offer several advantages. They enable real-time monitoring, giving you insights into system performance and immediate issue detection. This helps in proactive maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs. Additionally, remote access allows for adjustments and troubleshooting without physical presence, saving time and resources. These solutions enhance overall system efficiency, reliability, and convenience.

Dewtech's Control Solutions can significantly enhance Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in commercial buildings. By integrating advanced IAQ sensors and control strategies, our systems constantly monitor and adjust air quality parameters like temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and air circulation. This ensures optimal IAQ, promoting occupant comfort and well-being while minimizing energy wastage. Our solutions also allow for timely maintenance alerts, preventing potential IAQ issues.

Yes, we offer specialized solutions for managing kitchen-hood ventilation systems. Our control systems are designed to optimize the performance of kitchen exhaust systems, ensuring that they operate efficiently while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment in commercial kitchens. With our solutions, you can achieve better control over ventilation rates, energy consumption, and air quality, all of which are essential for kitchen operations. Whether you need to comply with local regulations, reduce energy costs, or enhance the overall kitchen environment, our tailored solutions can meet your specific needs.

Dewtech's services offer substantial benefits to AHU-FAHU manufacturers and HVAC system owners. By integrating our advanced control solutions into your systems, you can achieve enhanced performance, energy efficiency, and comfort. Our expertise in control solutions ensures that your systems operate optimally, meeting industry standards and regulations.

For manufacturers, partnering with Dewtech can mean gaining a competitive edge by offering cutting-edge control features in your products.

For HVAC system owners, our solutions can significantly reduce operating costs, improve indoor air quality, and prolong system lifespan.

With our tailored services, you can maximize the value of your HVAC systems while ensuring a comfortable and sustainable environment for occupants.

Embracing a future-focused approach to Chiller Plant Management, we meticulously analyze the plant's operations to infuse energy efficiency into our CPM design, all without impacting the financial aspects. This enhanced methodology, which we've termed "CPM+," marks a departure from conventional chiller plant management strategies.

CPM+ isn't simply a new layer added to the existing Chiller Plant Manager; it's a transformative rethinking of the chiller plant management paradigm. By prioritizing energy efficiency as a core principle of the CPM framework, we're not just making incremental changes; we're revolutionizing the way chiller plants are managed. This forward-thinking approach ensures that we meet the contemporary demands of sustainability and energy conservation, without incurring additional costs, setting a new industry standard in chiller plant management.