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PlantPRO – Chiller Plant Optimization


Convert your Plant Room into a value generating asset through the award-winning PlantPRO chiller plant control and optimisation solution from Conserve It.

PlantPRO is the proven plant room optimization and control software system developed by Conserve It. Created with an in-depth understanding of all thermodynamic variables involved in managing plant room HVAC equipment, PlantPRO enables optimum control of every device and its integration into a single synergistic system.

Key highlights of PlantPRO include

  • System Design: Integrating components into a good system design, which perfectly matches the building’s requirements, is the first crucial condition for performance optimization.
  • Component Selection: Selecting high quality components, which integrate seamlessly, is the second condition to achieve a high performance system.
  • Automation: Enabling the automated control of all components is a further prerequisite to effectively tackle the challenge of improved plant room management.
  • Management & Monitoring: Ensuring complete control of all HVAC devices in the plant room through its user friendly interface, PlantPRO allows easy management of the plant room with continuous monitoring of its performance, thus creating the cornerstone for optimization.
  • Measurement & Verification: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. On a continuous basis, PlantPRO measures the process, enabling real-time comparisons of the measured actual efficiency versus design data. This is a fundamental demonstration of your actual progress on the journey towards optimum efficiency.
  • Maintenance & Diagnostics: PlantPRO maintains levels of efficiency as designed even after many hours of operation. By comparing real values against design data and monitoring trends, this module allows early detection of faults, poor performance, and system degradation, providing excellent support for a condition based maintenance regime.
  • Report & Chart Builder: The masses of data managed by PlantPRO are readily accessible and easy to use thanks to this report and Chart Building function. This tool allows complex data to be quickly and easily transformed into useful information. Decisions can now be made based on real knowledge available through a full range of pre-scheduled and on-demand instant reports.
  • Control & Optimization: PlantPRO is designed to run the Plant Room at optimum efficiency, driven through real and measurable energy saving strategies, integrating advanced algorithms in the control of all main HVAC component plants.