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Building Management Systems for New Construction

Building Management System for new construction

  • Building Management System propelled through impactful features of EasyIO by JCI Controllers: EasyIO provides solutions for all built environment projects; whether building from new, looking at developing advanced refurbishment or replacement strategies on legacy systems. As a 100% IP/Ethernet based controller provider, EasyIO focuses extensively on smart building integration, IoT and Big Data demands.


  • Broad range of design expertise to address differing levels of complexities: We believe in design being the most important component of our offering – buildings that can be adapted smoothly and offer secure outcomes to the inhabitants.


  • BMS-in-a-box: An innovative, cost-effective concept for small to mid-size point requirements: We offer off-the-shelf solutions with advanced features that could be readily deployed. The offerings provide tremendous cost effectiveness and eliminate the costs associated with expensive front-ends.


  • Enhanced BMS implementation technology utilizing Niagara Framework: Niagara N4 is an open, Java-based framework that can connect almost any embedded device or system—regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. It includes a comprehensive graphical toolset that lets you build rich applications in a drag-and-drop environment and easily manage your assets using a standard web browser.
    The Niagara N4 framework is packed with features and functions that are easy to build on rather than starting from scratch. Multiple embedded platforms allow for integrated control, supervision, data logging, scheduling and alarming.


  • Energy efficient implementations backed by analytics-augmented expertise : Our offerings include AI-infused service solutions that enable energy efficient implementations with reasonable set of controls.


  • Cloud-based BMS powered by trusted MQTT Security mechanisms: Identity, Authentication, and Authorization are three basic tenets of IoT network security. MQTT is a trusted protocol for light weight networked communication.