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Building Management System for Existing Buildings

  Building Management System for Existing building

  • Refurbishing and retrofitting existing installations: Where a comprehensive renewal of a BMS may not be necessary, a well-planned retrofit provides a new lease of freshness to the pre-existing hardware and equipment. Apart from being a sustainable alternative, BMS retrofit often leads to better cost and energy efficiency.
  • Replace obsolete components with contemporary controllers and legacy drivers: Automation brings about centralized management system to the entire unit. It enhances data security and facilitates secure remote access and control.
  • Progressive technology to modernize defunct components: The conventional approach recommends partial or complete replacement of old BMS with a new system. However, the legacy driver solution proposes contemporary techniques to re-use the existing, reliable BMS components to the extent possible. Only the faulty components are identified for replacement. This presents a dependable and cost effective method to keep the system up and running.
  • Substantial savings on capital expenditure: The unique capability to recondition and revamp existing installations ensures a check on preventable capital outflow.
  • Mitigate wiring challenges through Wi-Fi controllers: Wi-Fi controllers provide a substantial advantage over wiring, especially when it comes to non-accessible areas of a building. Scalability as well as labor & material expenses are other prominent benefits.